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Program Management & VSAT Services

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Be the leader in today's information-driven economy with VSAT and program management services from Technology Consulting Labs, Inc. of New York.

For over 30 years, TCLI has been providing high-end communication equipment, systems engineering and VSAT training to clients worldwide.

TCLI has the background and experience to provide you with the optimal VSAT solution and offers competitive pricing packages to ensure you get the quality services you need for the price you want.

As a leading technology consulting firm, TCLI possesses the knowledge, expertise and capabilities needed to help your company solve the unique technological problems and challenges inherent in today's information-driven marketplace.

Project Management Solutions: The Road to a Successful Project
Project management takes carefully-developed steps to accomplish a specific objective, such as implementing a major new satellite network system. Successful project management creates a project plan with clearly-defined objectives, identifies ways to achieve these objectives, quantifies the resources needed, and determines budgets and timelines for completion.
TCLI helps you implement the project plan, operate regular control measures to ensure accurate and objective information on the performance of the plan, and establish mechanisms to implement recovery actions where necessary.

About TCLI's President
In 2002, Mr. Edward C. LaPasota became president and CEO of Technology Consulting Labs, Inc. He brought with him over two decades of management, administration, engineering, and business development experience. As a senior executive, he has led consulting projects around the globe.
Mr. LaPasota guides the senior management team, develops innovative business strategies, negotiates client contracts, and attends international committee meetings. He also manages the company's financial and physical aspects, formulates policies, plans recommendations for the Board of Directors, conducts market research, and keeps up-to-date with emerging industry trends.

Proudly Serving These Clients:
Globecomm®, Geonet, Harris®, GVS, ABC, CBS, Unicel®, Digicel™,, Agility Recovery Solution™, United Nations, US State Department, FAA, IRS, US Military, and the US Department of Transportation

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